Murray’s Marvellous e’Mporium

Today our class went to a toy shop, we played with a variety of toys and cuddled the softest bears! For our literacy lesson, we had to imagine our classroom turned into a toyshop. We had to walk around and pretend to see the different toys and act out using them. We were fantastic at this, we then had to try and persuade others to come to our shop by writing a good description. We will add more of our work on here tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Murray’s Marvellous e’Mporium

  1. Murray’s marvellous magical toy shop.
    Would you like to come to our toy shop? It hasn’t got stairs it has got a flying carpet and a hover board and when we get down there is a big giant slide. if you’re shy or overwhelmed by our new toy shop, one of our fun loving staff will match you with your favourite toy. If you still don’t know what to buy them play before pay. There are sweets, teddy bears, DS and there is Wii you can download any game on it you want. When you get out of the shop you will have a massive smile on your face. When you get home you will play with your toy all day everyday.

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