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Autumn Poems

My class have been writing poems today, here is a selection.

I Can See Leaves.
I see leaves,
Leaves are colourful,
Leaves are pretty,
Leaves are crunchy,
Leaves are dark,
Leaves are bright,
Leaves are rough,
Leaves are pointy.
By Inshaal.

Falling Down.
Leaves are falling time to time,
Spinning all around,
They crunch when I run on them,
So do it too and you’ll hear it also.
By William.

The Autumn Day.
An autumn day is like leaves swaying around in the trees.
An autumn day is like your feet are frozen.
An autumn day is like a frost of colour.
The leaves pick themselves up and they dance.
An autumn day is like a storm.
By Millie W.

Autumn Day.
When an autumn day comes it is cold.
You need gloves, wellies, scarf and a hat.
Leaves are all kinds of shapes.
The colours change, they are all so pretty.
I like Autumn because you can kick leaves they rustle.
By Jessica.

The gold leaves fall.
The red leaves fall.
The brown leaves fall.
The orange leaves fall.
There is nothing left on the trees.
By Kayleigh.

Colourful Leaves.
Colourful leaves look pretty with rain drops.
Autumn leaves falling off tree when the wind blows
Leaves float every second.

Colourful leaves stuck on your bonnet,
Leaves just fall and fall until fall is over.
By Saskia.

Amazing Leaves.
When the leaves come raining down,
No one can resist to pick one up.
They are red, brown, yellow, orange.
When they fall people will pick the up.
By Kristina.

Red, yellow, gold and green leaves.
The leaves are curling down on my head and my book.
The leaves are everywhere.
The leaves are at my window and on my car.
By Jake.