Busy day!

Wow, I’ve just sat down after an incredible day.

It started with going on a ‘Welly Walk’ with our year 2 children. We had a wonderful time kicking up the autumn leaves, crossing the troll bridge and generally getting a bit mucky in our wellies. This afternoon we held our Special Assembly and the children did us proud, they knew their words, spoke them clearly and sang beautifully.

The best part of the day was counting the final donations for the RNLI, Fill your Boots campaign and realising we raised enough money for a new pair of boots and 2 pairs of gloves, this is a great help to the brave volunteers who risk their lives to save others. Tomorrow we will hand the money over to Keith our friend from the RNLI, well done and thank you for this great achievement.

One thought on “Busy day!

  1. Excellent assembly Murray class !! I loved the singing and having the chance to design a welly with William great work everyone x

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