#NPATEK Exploring Africa!

Well what an exciting day we have had, everybody looked great in their explorer outfits with back packs at the ready….we learnt that we are going to be exploring the continent of Africa this term.






We looked at lots pictures of Africa and where it was, we thought about things we already know and what we would like to find out!

Then we had an amazing Nioko Bok West African Drums session. This was definitely a favourite part of the day- learning and playing all the different rhythms. Keba was fabulous getting us all involved and we even performed to parents at the end of day!

Finally, the whole year group joined together to share a wonderful time making traditional African masks. These were created using albizia wooden masks from the Ivory Coast. We learnt all about the significance of the shape of the masks and what the different colours meant – can you remember the why the different colours were used?

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