#NPATEK Questions to Myles Connolly

Myles Connolly is the producer of the 3D film Enchanted Kingdom. Today we watched some behind the scenes footage about the making of the film and we thought about what we would like to ask Myles during our whole school Skype call with him on Friday. There were lots of fantastic questions and unfortunately we could not use them all, the children had to choose and vote for their favorite in their groups, here is our final set of questions.

1. Why did you want to make the film Enchanted Kingdom? (Jovan)
2. How did you get into film producing? (Mia)
3. How did you decide on the title of Enchanted Kingdom? (Joe W)
4. How do you choose where to film (locations)? (Chloe)
5. How did you get close to some of the most dangerous animals? (Thomas)
6. Did you have to persuade your men to do it (take part in the filming in dangerous locations etc)? (Stanley)
7. What dangers did you come across? (Aisha)
8. Why do you do these things? (Lara)
9. Why did you make the film Enchanted Kingdom?
10. Why did you make the film Enchanted Kingdom in 3D? (Lovell)
11. Which realm did you enjoy filming in the most and why? (Isabella)
12. Why did you make this film? (Were you asked? Was it your own idea?) (Eva-Sofi)
13. How did you travel to the different realms? (Harry)
14. How could you get close to the fiery underworld without getting burnt? (Oliver L)
15. What did you eat during the filming of the two week flamingo movie? (Yordanas)

You can find the behind the scenes footage using this link Enchanted Kingdom

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