Monthly Archives: October 2017

Learning about Shabbat

On Thursday we welcomed our Jewish visitor who taught us all about Shabbat.

Here is what we learned:

Jewish people have a Sabbath time called Shabbat where from Friday at sunset until Saturday (for 25 hours) Jewish people rest and do not do any form of work just like God did when he created the world in 6 days and then rested on the 7th day. Therefore, for Jewish children, they are not allowed to do their homework when it is Shabbat.

Our visitor read some prayers that they say before eating and after lighting Shabbat candles. She explained that these prayers are said in a language called Hebrew. We learned that you read Hebrew writing differently to how we read our words. Hebrew writing is read from right to left not left to right.

During Shabbat our visitor showed us the bread that is eaten. This bread is called challah. The bread is sweet like honey and she said that the bread is sweet because sweetness reminds us of happiness just like the happiness that Jewish people have by believing in God. Most of us tried the bread and nearly all of us thought it was delicious.

Our visitor also showed us the clothes that Jewish people wear. She explained that some Jewish men and boys always wear a kippah (which is a skullcap which is worn to show that God is above us) all the time but some Jewish men and boys just wear a kippah during special times like Shabbat.

It has been great to learn about Judaism children. Have a go at the quiz and see how much you can remember about Judaism.

Spookiness going on in the haunted woods…

On Friday we had a brilliant time using drama to explore the characters’  actions in pumpkin soup.

In groups the children choose whether they would like to pretend to be a witch, a fox, a wolf or a bear. The children used their bodies and voices to pretend to be these different characters and all did a brilliant job, I even felt a bit scared.

Then the children took it in turns to be the white duck waddling through the haunted woods or the squirrel and the cat together walking through the woods to find the duck.

Once the children had pretended to walk through the woods, as a class, we talked about how each the duck, cat and the squirrel may be feeling. We decided that they might be feeling; terrified, petrified, worried or nervous.

When we came back to the classroom we wrote descriptive sentences about what was happening. Some sentences included the following…

In the haunted woods, the duck was feeling terrified because the wicked witch was casting a horrible spell on him.

Walking along the bumpy path, the duck felt nervous because he didn’t know what was going to happen next.


Murray Class Torahs

As a class we talked together about books that were special to us and the reasons why they were special to us. Some people said that a special book to them was a favourite story because they enjoyed reading them. Next we talk about what a special book would be for someone who was a Christian and we all agreed that it would be a bible. We also learned that a special book for a Muslim is called the Koran.
After we talked about different special books, we learned that the Torah is a special holy book for Jewish people. The Torah has a mixture of holy Jewish stories and rules which Jewish people follow to lead a good life. We learned that these rules are called ‘The Ten Commandments’. As a class, we then discussed what rules we would like to follow to lead a successful life. Then we each designed our own Torah and wrote down our own rules that we would like to follow to have a happy life.