Spookiness going on in the haunted woods…

On Friday we had a brilliant time using drama to explore the characters’  actions in pumpkin soup.

In groups the children choose whether they would like to pretend to be a witch, a fox, a wolf or a bear. The children used their bodies and voices to pretend to be these different characters and all did a brilliant job, I even felt a bit scared.

Then the children took it in turns to be the white duck waddling through the haunted woods or the squirrel and the cat together walking through the woods to find the duck.

Once the children had pretended to walk through the woods, as a class, we talked about how each the duck, cat and the squirrel may be feeling. We decided that they might be feeling; terrified, petrified, worried or nervous.

When we came back to the classroom we wrote descriptive sentences about what was happening. Some sentences included the following…

In the haunted woods, the duck was feeling terrified because the wicked witch was casting a horrible spell on him.

Walking along the bumpy path, the duck felt nervous because he didn’t know what was going to happen next.


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