Monthly Archives: November 2017

All Different, All Equal. Anti-Bullying Week.

Last week we looked back at the work that we did at the start of Year 2 thinking carefully about how ‘We are each unique but together we are a masterpiece!’

We shared how we all look different, have different hair styles  and that we all have different foods that are our favourites. Next, we discussed how even though we are all different we should all treat each other with kindness and ‘treat others how we would like to be treated’.

Together we talked about how we can be a good friend by playing nicely with each other, helping each other and including others in games so others do not feel left out. Then we talked about what things would make us not a good friend like pushing each other, saying unkind words or leaving people out of games. After that, we talked about what bullying is and what the slogan STOP means – Several Times On Purpose. We talked about how  bullying is when someone does something unkind towards someone on purpose on lots of different occasions.