#WAKWHS2 Working Together

Today we had an exciting afternoon working in house groups with Year 1 and Reception. We worked collaboratively with other children from Wizards, Dragons, Unicorns and Knights exploring different parts of the story.

The different groups used their senses to explore Simon’s adventures so far, this included story whooshes, music making, map drawing and drama to develop and share our vocabulary and ideas.

The children worked fantastically together!

A great afternoon was had by all!


#WAKWHS2 A message from Simon

After the disappearance of Lady Arabella on Monday, we received a scroll yesterday from Knight Simon himself, unfortunately the scroll had been damaged and it’s contents were missing! We had to think about where Simon was writing to us from….we had lots of ideas including:

A tropical rainforest
The depths of an enchanted forest
The belly of a beast
The bottom of the ocean
A dragons lair

Today we boarded Simon’s ship ‘The Industrious’. The ship quickly ran into trouble, there was water, explosions and screaming crew members (the staff!) “abandon ship” “abandon ship” ….. what has happened to Simon and his ship!?


Wow! What at exciting day at SdS, the knighting of Simon this morning was followed by a banquet in the hall at lunch, where the mysterious disappearance of Lady Arabella took place. There has been much speculation about who has taken her and where she has gone….some of the children reported seeing a dragon and even found clues on the playground! Where is Lady Arabella and will Knight Simon save the day??


Victorian Day

A fantastic end to our Victorian topic today as we were transported back to a day in the life of Victorian school children.
As the bell rang to signal the start of the school day the girls and boys entered through separate doors and we began with a full finger nail inspection, followed by formal Victorian handwriting. We played traditional playground games, ate muffins for snack as we sang “the muffin man” with partners and took part in a Victorian drill.
A huge thanks for all your efforts with costumes the children all looked great and it really helped to bring the day to life!







Real PE

Year 2 enjoyed a coaching session with Year 6 as part of their PE session. Everyone had a great time and Miss Bland and Mrs Chisholm were very impressed with the the feedback children were able to give each other and the progress of skills within the lesson. Well done!